A 2D dynamic animating style?

2015-11-01 05:54:46 by Ceneoss

So I've thought of an animation style that was inspired by Vysselle's DBZ Animation. I used 3D images in my previous test and depending on if people liked the idea, I was going to use for Tekken: Mishima Bout. More background angles, more dynamic camera movement, more work =,,= , more headaches-now onto more important business shall we? All my ideas and plans is currently getting fucked out by reality. The thought of processing everything out and animating them gives me major headaches, and maybe migraines. But I use alot of parallax in the animation style and alot of freaking resizing (vCAM became from a friend to a butthole in an instant).


My free time is running out fast and unless I become a high school dropout [and manage to pull of a Monty Oum (I miss that guy), or get lucky during school, I don't think I'll be animating again... but I'll be DAMMNNNED!!!! if that happens so imma put a lil less time into animating and try to get someone safe in life first (I'm a NEET/Otaku, I never had a job before =,,=) Welp... that's pretty much it for this News Post I think... yeah I think it is... You get the gist of it right?


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